Direct Mail


Direct Mail

Ink Etc Marketing has been collaborating with various businesses and industries for the past 25 years, helping them attract new customers and retain their existing ones. With our extensive knowledge of the postal system, creative design, and marketing strategies, we have consistently delivered effective and satisfying results to our clients over the years.

Design your own print-ready material, and we will thoroughly review it and provide you with recommendations regarding offers, call-to-actions, and the optimal timing for the best possible outcomes. If you're short on time to design your own material, don't worry - our team of graphic and marketing specialists will take care of your project from the design phase all the way to printing and mailing it out through USPS.

We can assist you in identifying your target audience and source a wide range of demographic lists to ensure that your campaign reaches the right people. Moreover, our variable data capability allows you to personalize your message, catering to the specific interests of your target audience. Alternatively, you can simply provide us with your print-ready material and targeted list, and we will take care of the rest.

• EDDM – Reach an entire town or specific sections with your mail campaign.

• Mailing List Service –Demographic or Geographic targeting options are available.

• Our digital capabilities enable businesses of all sizes to personalize and maximize the impact of their mail campaigns!

Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our direct marketing specialists. They will thoroughly discuss all the options available to deliver your message to your target audience - from Every Door Direct Mail to targeted mailings and personalized variable data services. Ink has the expertise you need, from concept to delivery, right into your customers' hands!

Mail/Postal Services

  • Standard Pre Sort (Bulk Mail)
  • EDDM Prep / Bundling
  • Delivery to Post Office
  • EDDM Paperwork
  • First Class
  • Flats

    Mail Types

  • Omni-Channel Mailings
  • Tri-fold and tab
  • Bi-fold and tab
  • Large Brochures
  • Post Cards
  • Letters

    Mail/Market Approach

  • Omni-channel | Social Media Integration
  • Printing, Postage, Bundling & Mailing
  • Customer Profiling & List Building
  • Insertion, addressing and sealing
  • Tracking & Campaign Reporting
  • Direct Mail Strategy
  • Design & Messaging

Direct Mail Sample Portfolio Gallery

Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece Real Estate Direct Mail Piece


Consistently exposing your content to the right audience will lead to an increase in market share and the acquisition of new clients! How do we know? With over twenty-five years of experience, we have gained valuable insights into what works! Direct Mail continues to generate the highest response rates compared to any other medium. Boom! If you're interested in learning more about growing your business, don't hesitate to reach out. We welcome inquiries.


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