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Mail Pro 2.0 Plus – Direct Mail Plus Digital

Turn a Single Mail Piece Into Multiple Impressions Across Multiple Platforms To The Same AUDIENCE!
Mail piece and digitaal ad on smartphone

Postcards Plus Matching Google, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Ads

Introducing an exciting marketing program that combines the power of direct mail with the reach of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube follow-up ads. This program does exactly what it claims to do - it puts your business in front of all the right people, to drive in qualified leads and revenue.

How it Works

MailPro2 is an engaging automatic system that will save you countless hours and increase the impact of your marketing campaigns beyond anything else you have tried. Adding MailPro2 to your direct mail campaign will get your ads seen on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Gmail automatically. The results of this campaign are easy to track with one dashboard that records any phone calls you receive, so you can make sure your reception team is handling your leads properly. Additionally, all visits to your website landing page will be tracked and a list of visitors whether they were on your list or not will be provided so you can retarget these high quality leads! Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Step 1: Your Mail Pieces are Sent

Direct mail pieces are sent to your intended audience. This reliable mainstay marketing strategy gives your business a level of trustworthiness and a product that is always seen - never deleted.
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Step 2: Mail Pieces are Tracked

When someone visits your website from your direct mail campaign, they're automatically added to your follow-up system! Don't miss out on engaging with your prospects and turning them into customers.
Mail piece tracking

Step 3: Digital Ads Diplayed

Displayed ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Gmail. Our cutting-edge barcode technology system allows you to track the mailing process of your order. With access to your dashboard anytime, you can stay informed of when your cards are due to arrive, so you can be prepared for the influx of new customers.
Digital Advertising

Google Ads & Social Media

Make sure your message reaches prospects in the right place and at the right time! Our digital ads can be tailored to match your direct mail pieces, allowing you to generate leads and engage customers on millions of websites in the Google network. Get ready to take your business to the next level!
Google Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Your compelling digital ads will also be showcased on Facebook and Google. The ads will be shown to the people you mailed to, as well as to others with comparable demographics in your intended area.
Meta and Instagram digital ads

You Tube Ads - Included with our Plus program

Your promotional video will be shown to your targeted prospects when they view other videos on YouTube. Now your prospects can perceive that your business is “everywhere” and that you are the one they should contact!

Gmail Ads - Included with our Plus program

Your desired prospects will be able to view your ad when they sign in to their Gmail account. This advertisement will feature a sender name and headline, and when clicked, it will be a full-fledged promotion about your business, redirecting the prospect to your website.

Step 4: Track Phone Calls from Your Campaign

Your campaign includes an engaging phone number that redirects all calls to the business number you select. This number allows all calls to be monitored and recorded so you can effortlessly view the outcomes of your campaign in our user-friendly dashboard.

The call recording function enables you to make sure your reception and sales team is dealing with potential callers appropriately and guarantee no revenue is being lost.

For most callers, you can also view:

• Full name
• Address
• Gender
• AND age

This means you'll be able to quickly draw on your prospects' demographic information to make an engaging experience for them the moment they call into your business.

Phone tracking

Log Onto Your Dashboard

Track your campaigns progress in realtime! Know when your mail piece is delivered when using our Intelligent Mail Barcode. Track progress all the way through the campaign.
Campaign Dashboard


MailPro 2.0 Plus is an immersion of numerous digital technologies to a direct mail piece – and for just a pennies per item. However, since we customize each campaign to our customer's requirements, we need to have a short talk with you before providing you a quotation, but don't fret – it's free of charge!

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